Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Research Question

Why doesn't the U.S  have universal health care and how has going without it affected our country and the people who live in it?

The reason why I choose this topic is because I am genuinely interested in the topic and finding out the answer. I want to go into the nursing field, so health care is something that I should probably learn about and find more about. We have discussed universal health care in this class and also in my Nursing 105 course, so I have already had some exposure to the topic. Also, since this topic is such a big deal and hot issue in our society right now I feel like it would be fairly easy to find information about. If I did research on this topic I know that I would be able to find a ton of information both for and against universal health care. I would probably want to do research on other countries that do have universal health care and compare it to our own. I would want to find out if others countries with a system unlike ours are getting better results with their health care system than we are.

I think that the question of how it has affected our country might be fairly hard to answer. It might be hard to answer because everyone has such different opinions about universal health care. Some would say it has improve our society but others would say it has been very detrimental. Although, I do think that most sources of this topic would agree that our country does need some type of reform.

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